Welcome to FutureWorks

We face a future world where natural capital will be the major limiting factor for human well-being and economic productivity. Achieving greater efficiencies and resilience in businesses, the economy and society will be fundamental in unlocking future economic growth and social equity.

At FutureWorks, we believe that better decisions today will result in a better tomorrow.

FutureWorks is a Sustainability Consultancy. We support both public and private sector decision-makers in undertaking operational and development planning which is cognisant of natural capital as the supplier of services on which society and the worlds’ economies have come to depend. We also develop and implement green economy projects that build the capacity of people and supports the role of the natural environment in sustaining vibrant economies and human well-being. Building resilience to change – both known and unknown - and supporting greater efficiencies in resource use are a major part of what we do. Our team shares a unique interest in helping our clients to build their understanding of the sustainability challenges they face, and of the solutions that exist. Our consulting services offer clients a process to engage in problem solving – and not just a solution or a report as an end-product. We also share a specific interest and ability to develop out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems.