FutureWorks is a 90% women-owned Close Corporation comprising 3 Directors. The firm has a 51% Black South African ownership and all Directors are involved in management, technical, marketing and operational aspects of the firm. In order to ensure that the best possible solutions are delivered for each project we undertake, FutureWorks hand-picks specialists from our wide network of collaborators to include as partners on our project teams. In the process of providing a professional consulting service to our clients, we continuously develop new knowledge and approaches.

Nicci Diederichs Mander
Director: Environment & Climate Change
Nicci holds a Master of Science degree and is an environmental scientist and planner with strong communication, leadership and management skills. She consults in a strategic advisory, programme management and science-policy knowledge brokering capacity in sustainability and climate change. Nicci has been consulting for over 18 years, is a certified Professional Natural Scientist (SACNASP) and Registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAPASA).

Khulile Mavundla
Director: Project Implementation & Capacity Building
Khulile holds a Bachelor of Paedagogics degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Local Economic Development. She facilitates environmental and climate change project implementation, enterprise development, skills training and community participation in LED and development planning processes. She manages large green economy and climate change adaptation projects in South Africa as part of the drive to create employment through restoration of natural environments.

Myles Mander
Director: Resource Economics
Myles holds a Bachelor of Social Science Honours degree in Economics and Geography. He supports the private and public sector in achieving triple bottom line outcomes in the use of natural assets and ecosystem services. He is best known for solving strategic environmental management problems. His area of focus includes developing new approaches to management of natural resources through creating an understanding of the value of the services provided to people by the natural environment.

Cori Ham
Associate Consultant
Cori holds a MBA and an Honours degree in Forestry. He specialises in sustainable use and management of forest resources, and business enterprise development in the forestry and natural products sector. He works throughout Africa on forest economics, sustainable forestry, certification systems, and enterprise development.

James Blignaut
Associate Consultant
James is a Professor of Economics specialising in environmental and natural resource economics, focusing on food, water, energy and the restoration of natural capital. He is an experienced economic modeller and has undertaken extensive work throughout Africa in modelling the impacts of climate change and renewable energy alternatives. 

Trevor Wolf
GIS Specialist
Trevor holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Nature Conservation and specialises in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their role in environmental / conservation assessment, management and implementation.