Globally, natural capital is fast becoming the major limiting factor for human well-being and economic productivity. Achieving greater efficiency and resilience in business, government and civil society is fundamental for unlocking economic stability social equity.

FutureWorks is a Sustainability Consultancy. We support both public and private sector decision-makers in undertaking operational and development planning which is cognisant of natural capital as the supplier of services on which society and the worlds’ economies have come to depend. We also develop and implement circular economy projects that build the capacity of people and support the role of the natural environment in sustaining vibrant economies and human well-being. We support our clients to build resilience to risk and change – both known and unknown – and enhance efficiency in resource use.

Our team shares a unique interest in helping our clients to build their understanding of the sustainability challenges they face, and of the solutions that exist. Our consulting services offer clients a process to engage in problem solving, not just a solution or a report as an end-product. We also share a specific interest and ability to develop out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems.

FutureWorks has been in business since 2004 and has built a formidable track record, having provided services to and partnered with many institutions working on sustainability issues across Africa and other countries in the Global South. We are geared for any size project or client (“big” and “small”), for complex challenges and simple ones. We have a diverse and highly experienced team, and call on our wide network of associates and collaborators as needed for specialist inputs.

FutureWorks is 90% women-owned, and 51% Black-women owned. We have Level 2 BBBEE rating in South Africa and 125% preferential procurement recognition.Values Diagram

We have a vision of a Future that Works for people, for business, for the economy, and for ecological systems. We acknowledge the difficulty of achieving a “perfect balance”, where all priorities are met, and where everyone benefits. So we strive to bring a combination of innovation, science and collective wisdom into the process of supporting decision-making, developing plans and strategies, or writing policy. Our aim is to build consensus and a common understanding of the risks and the chosen solutions through our consulting processes.

FutureWorks provides professional sustainability consulting services in a range of practice areas: environmental planning and management, resource economics, climate change, energy, water, organizational sustainability, project implementation and capacity building.

FutureWorks has also developed a range of products that we offer as part of our consulting packages. We use these tools to complement our consulting services, providing a structured platform for supporting decision-making processes. These products include specialised multi-criteria decision-support models, ecological footprinting tools and spatial information packages.